"Berlin State Opera Icon"

Anna Tomowa-Sintow

was received with standing ovations on her comeback at the Berlin State Opera,

where she sang the role of Domna Ivanovna Saburova

in the new production of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakow’s "The Tsar’s Bride"

under the direction of Daniel Barenboim in a production by Dmitry Tcherniakov.

"Furthermore there was a welcome reunion with Anna Tomowa-Sintow - in the role of Saburova, the merchant's wife - whose unique timbre, particularly in the high notes, prevails and whose dramatic expression benefits from 45 years of stage experience. It was wonderful to see how the Berlin audience rewarded her performance which ovations, which the artist truly seemed to enjoy."

Opernglas - S. Martens - 3.10.2013

"... and of the chatty neighbour Saburova, in the role of which the timelessly elegant, benchmark setting Anna Tomowa-Sintow, already a star in former State Opera times, was highly acclaimed at the end."

Welt - Manuel Brug - 05.10.2013

"Anna Tomowa-Sintow is highly touching in the supporting role of Saburova. A rightfully acclaimed start of the new season."

FAZ - Julia Spinola - 05.10.2013

"The role of Saburova meant a comeback for Anna Tomowa-Sintow as the former Berlin State Opera Icon. The voice is still amazing and sparkles more Slavic than ever. It is simply admirable how intelligently she handles vocal resources. One cannot give the stage director enough credit for his great job in developing the characters out of the singer's own personality."

Opernwelt - Kai Luehrs-Kaiser - November 2013

"The great Anna Tomowa-Sintow fills the role of the procuress Saburova with stupendous presence."

Die Deutsche Bühne - Wolfgang Behrens - 4.10.2013

"Anna Tomowa-Sintow returned to the place of her great successes of the 70s and 80s in the role of the merchant's wife, Domna Ivanovna Saburova. Her unique and singular timbre prevails and reminds us of her unforgotten Tatjana in some moments....the stage presence and charisma of the singer are unbowed."

Operalounge - 7.10.2013

"...and the wonderful Anna Tomowa-Sintow as the Saburova, whose description of the Tsar's bridal search was a highlight of the third act."

Mundoclassico.com - Jesse Simon - 11.10.2013

"There is a reunion with the great Anna Tomowa-Sintow, who, after incredible more than 40 years on stage, possesses an amazingly unbowed strength in the middle and upper register of her voice and plays the merchant's wife, Saburova, with impressive presence."

Opernnetz.de - Karin Coper - 13.10.2013

"As a special treat for the Berlin audience there is a reunion with the former State Opera Star Anna Tomowa-Sintow, as incredibly real, ambitious almost-Tsar-mother-like Saburova.."

Der Standard - Joachim Lange - 22.10.2013

"And, last but not least: what a pleasure to see the great Anna Tomowa-Sintow on the Opera stage again! In the role of the merchant's wife, Saburova, she shuffled things up in the neighbourhood with adorable self-mockery and visible fun. The voice was present and was shining brightly, some phrases made for a virtually sensational musical event."

kulturshockblog - 25.10.2013

The new production of "The Tsar's Bride" is a co-production

between the Berlin State Opera and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.